Svartsvman winner of Heerhugowaard Open 2022

Alexander Shvartsman has won his fourth Heerhugowaard Open title after a draw against Valneris in the final round. Roel Boomstra drew against Thomy Mbongo and finished both with the same amount of points as Shvartsman on place 2 and 3 respectively. The woman’s classement was won by Natalia Sadowska. The youth classement was won by Yulia Bintsarovska. Group A…
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Ivanov is the winner of the Blitz tournament

Ivanov winner of Blitz ’22

Ivanov has won the blitz tournament of 2022! Thijssen got second place, while Shvartsman got third with the same amount of points. In the second category van der Veen won, with Emmaneel second and Kruysmulder third.

Photo’s Day 6

Photo’s Day 3

Heerhugowaard Open kraamkamer damtalent

Photo’s Day 1