Heerhugowaard Open 2024
This tournament will be held from July 20 – July 27 2024

Sat 20-0711:00-12:00Registration and Opening
Sat 20-0712:00-17:00Round 1
Sat 20-0719:00-23:00Blitz tournament
Sun 21-0712:00-17:00Round 2
Mon 22-0712:00-17:00Round 3
Tue 23-0710:00-15:00Round 4
Tue 23-0716:00-21:00Round 5
Wed 24-0712:00-17:00Round 6
Thu 25-0712:00-17:00Round 7
Thu 25-0719:00-23:00Quatre Mains
Fri 26-0712:00-17:00Round 8
Fri 26-0719:00-23:30Klaverjassen
Sat 27-0710:00-15:00Round 9
Sat 27-0715:00Prize ceremony

Sportcentre TTV DOV
Helena Nordheimland 5
1705 LM Heerhugowaard
This is located 40 km from Amsterdam Airport
Transport by public transport is available.

Competion fee
Senior: € 65,00
GMI: free
MI: € 35,00
Youth member: € 35,00
(Includes 1 consumption each day, one time pizza and one other dinner)

Tournament details
1. Games rate – 80 minutes + 1 minute/move
2. Standard KNDB Swiss (on Solkoff)

General classification:
1st prize: € 800.00
2nd prize: € 600.00
3rd prize: € 400.00
4th prize: € 200.00
Each group:
1st prize: € 250.00
2nd prize: € 150.00
3rd prize: € 100.00
4th prize: € 50.00
Top 10 to 12 rated people will just battle for the general classification price, after that each group consist of at most 17 participants. The groups will be split up based on FMJD rating. If a player is entitled to more than 1 price, they will only win the highest price, with the other price going to the next player.

Sign up here
Payments can be done directly into EUR bank account:
IBAN NL31RABO0386939772 the BIC code is RABONL2U.
Account owner: Penningmeester SNA

By submitting my registration for Herhugowaard Open 2024, I agree that photos and videos may be used in online and offline publications by the organisation of the Heerhugowaard Open 2024.

Expenses of participants
All expenses related to participation in the tournament like lodging and meals are covered by the sending organization or each participant personally.

Any Reservations, Invitations, Questions: